Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TCS office at Empire Plaza, Gandhinagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai

TCS is a wonderful company to be with and an even more wonderful company to boast about among friends if you are a TCSer. You can help your ego by informing your friends that TCS has as many as 17 offices in Mumbai and some of them are located in the prized areas of Fort and Nariman Point. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Also, TCS has offices at SEEPZ, Gateway Park in Andheri, a magnificent campus at Hiranandani Pawai and a sprawling campus at Thane – Yantra Park. Besides these, there are many more offices.

In this article I shall inform the reader about the office where I work, TCS Empire Plaza – Gandhinagar, Vikhroli (E).

TCS office Empire Plaza, Vikhroli Empire Plaza building is along LBS Road, very near to Gandhinagar flyover at Kanjurmarg. Though the official address states Vikhroli, Kajurmarg is the railway station where you need to get down if you plan to come by train. Come to Kanjurmarg west, reach Huma cinema signal, take left and you reach Gandhinagar flyover.

If you are coming by bus/auto from Thane, Mulund, Bhandup then reach the Gandhinagar flyover and ask anyone for Empire Plaza building.

TCS campus Empire Plaza, Mumbai TCS occupies floors 1,2,3,5 and 6. Guess which office operates from the 7th floor? IBN Lokmat News channel. It is exciting to have a media house right above your office. Sometimes I come across some anchors-news-readers of the channel. Only once, I bumped across the iconic Nikhil Waghale in the elevator.

If you are coming from the western parts of Mumbai, there are many buses from Andheri which will take you to Gandhinagar flyover. Autowallahs are also always available.

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