Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TCS Yantra Park office - Thane

TCS Yantra Park office is very important for freshers because this is where you report most of the times after your ILP if you are posted at Mumbai. I also had to report at Yantra Park office after my ILP.

This office is different from the other TCS offices because this one is not in a tall multi-storeyed building. The campus is a 2 floor building (or 3? I don’t remember exactly), sprawling across a long distance. The best part at TCS Yantra Park office is the brilliant landscaping. It is a big campus and there are lot of trees of different varieties that enhance the ambience.

To reach TCS Yantra Park office, you need to come to Thane station and from there you can hire an auto. Also, there is a TMT bus which goes there; I don’t remember the number though. It won’t be tough anyways to reach there. If you have the proper address which is ‘TCS Yantra Park, Pokhran Road’, there wont be much issues reaching there.

TCS Pawai Kensington Park office
TCS Gandhinagar Vikhroli office - Empire Plaza building
TCS Yantra Park office, Thane


  1. how & where can i submit my resume to our company

  2. By 'our company' I assume that you are a TCSer ... you must be having an HR spoc ... he'll help you with that.

    1. Hello Can you please help me to know what process are at TCS Yantra Park office. How to job opening at TCS Yantra Park office and how to apply

  3. You are not supposed to take pictures inside the campus and post it on the internet. This is a security incident as photography inside the campus is not allowed.

  4. fyi
    These are images already available on the internet.